Bebe Rexha

Music fans may still be getting familiar with Bebe Rexha's name, but they've already grown to love her sound. She's the songwriter behind a monster hit and has upcoming collaborations with some of the biggest names in music. With the release of her latest single, “I'm Gonna Show You Crazy", a song that immediately broke the viral charts, after it was streamed over 11 million on Spotify in only one month of release, 2015 is shaping up to be the year Bebe Rexha takes center stage.

Bebe is a first-generation Albanian-American from Brooklyn. Her major break into the music industry was as the front-woman for Pete Wentz's Black Cards project, where she honed her talents opening up for acts like Travis McCoy, Panic at The Disco and Bon Jovi. In 2012, Wentz decided to fold the project to refocus his attention on his group Fall Out Boy, and Bebe found herself doubting her direction. She channeled those emotions into “Monster Under My Bed," a dark, hypnotizing track produced by Frequency. “It was a breakthrough for me because I felt like I was accepting myself, my anxiety, the panic, all my flaws," Bebe says. Eminem remade “Monster Under My Bed" into “The Monster," featuring Rihanna. The song spent five weeks at #1 and sold a massive 3 million copies. Fans soon discovered Bebe's original demo online, and the buzz around her has been building since.

Artist Feature

Touring the country all summer is no small feat, but we know Bebe Rexha is up for it! Feed The Beat talked to the singer about her new music (her debut album is in the works!), heading out on tour, and how excited she is to connect with her fans while she's rocking out on stage:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Bebe Rexha in one sentence: Fearless, edgy and not afraid.

You're on tour all summer long, hitting both coasts and everywhere in between! What are you most excited about for these dates? I'm excited about meeting all my fans and rocking out with them on stage!!

The I Don't Wanna Grow Up EP came out recently, congrats! How did it feel to share those songs? Will you have more new music coming this year? It felt so amazing sharing my music with the world. I will be releasing new songs in the next coming months. I'm also finishing up my debut album and I'm really happy with how it's going.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? My headphones, a lot of snacks and water.

You've spent time in a band and have a bunch of awesome songwriter credits to your name - how does it feel to storm stages under your own name and show everyone what you've got? There's no other feeling like it. I'm excited to show the world who Bebe Rexha is.