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Eros and the Eschaton began as the experimental two-piece recording project of Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins in 2012, "weaving magic into shoegaze pop" via "an onslaught… proof the outfit would make great double-date partners with Yo La Tengo." (SPIN) Perdoni and Hawkins spent that year exploring the sound frontiers in the master-bedroom-turned-studio of a swampy North Carolina rental, set against an outlaw country scape of kudzu, atrocious spiders, wild mammals, and copperhead snakes, writing and recording, self-releasing two singles and touring whenever possible before catching the ears of Bar/None through a video session with Love Drunk.Days of singing melodies back and forth across the wooden-floored house and figuring out how each other soloed morphed into layers of instruments and textural sound waves, resulting in their debut full-length, Home Address for Civil War (Bar/None 2013), that brought to mind elements of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, filtered through a bright-eyed view."On Home Address for Civil War, Eros and the Eschaton prove to be one of the most exciting and progressive forgoers in this new revolution in sound... the results are transfixing." (Fabricoh Magazine) Best New Bands said, "Eros and the Eschaton not only managed to produce one of the most significant new shoegaze records in recent years; they have also captured the most important element of music making: Its heart."Months of touring brought the band to Colorado to begin work on their second full-length within the vibrant arts community of Colorado Springs. Surrounded by a supportive cast of artists and friends, the duo expanded to a five-piece. Eros and the Eschaton joined the exclusive Red Bull Sound Select roster in 2014 and were named "Best Pop Band" by the Denver weekly, Westword in 2015. Official showcases at SXSW, CMJ, Hopscotch, and Denver's Underground Music Showcase have been underscored by television and web commercial licensing with Billabong, Billabong Women's, Fox Head Racing, Fox Head Australia, X Games, Extreme Bicycles and Monster Energy. LB4YB said, "An honest, overtly-talented group of true artists, Eros and the Eschaton are full of creative spirit and ambient imagery that are nothing short of an atmospheric blessing."Weight of Matter, the band's second full-length, is a Neil-Young & Crazy Horse guitar-inspired album, dialing in tones akin to The Walkmen while maintaining the airy psychedelia of Civil War. Whereas Perdoni and Hawkins took turns to provide drums, keys, guitars and other instrumentation on the band's first record, they were joined in their home studio while recording Weight of Matter by band members Alex Koshak (drums), Mitch Macura (keys) and Ryan Spradlin (bass), continuing an exploration of sonic landscapes while creating space for each individual member's contribution.The album's first single, "Rxx," calls to mind dozens of missed moments in rock and roll history set against a backdrop of pop hooks and mayhem, while "Bop Shoo Bop" pays homage to legendary Tropicalia ensemble Os Mutantes. Repose and the cosmos dance on pointe throughout the track list, providing a contemplative backdrop of light harmony and keen melodies to a sometimes brusque outlook. The group borrows popular country standard "Cry," adding a Casio backbeat and shoe gaze-y twist, then treads the waters of thematic love and loss on the heartbreakingly emotive title track.Operating in the realm of the heart, Perdoni and Hawkins' lyrics and delivery manifest the sight of creative intuition, bringing awareness of unexplored possibilities to light and letting the listener know that the journey is possible.