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Artist Bio

Marian Hill is Jeremy Lloyd (production/songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (vocals/songwriting), an electronic duo producing songs that sound like a cross between Drake and Ella Fitzgerald, marrying bass-heavy, idiosyncratic beats and seductively soulful vocals.The duo grew up together and their chance meeting in middle school, starring opposite each other in The Music Man as Marian Paroo and Harold Hill, now serves as the basis for their name. While pursuing separate musical paths, the two began writing together over college breaks, spending hours together perfecting lyrics and melodies —in the last of these sessions they wrote and recorded Whisky.Jeremy blindly emailed Whisky to sixty blogs and within 2 weeks the track had climbed to the chart on Hype Machine. The buzz grew, the label calls began, and in early 2015 Marian Hill signed with Photo Finish / Republic Records."Got It"sees sexy vocals sail above early-Neptunes-era glitchy beats and handclaps before a melody transfixes, singing a mantra to individuality veiled in sly innuendo. The beat's sparse backbone came to Jeremy on a bus ride home to Philadelphia for a writing session, and the song was completed by the end of the following day. On "One Time"finger-snaps and a bass boom keep time as Samantha's voice casts a spell, twisting the old one-night stand into a song of female empowerment.Their sound has just started to percolate throughout the zeitgeist at large, soundtracking numerous promotional campaigns, television shows, and packed nightclubs. Now prepping their debut full-length debut, they seek to push the limits of their content and sonics even further."We love the control you have in modern songwriting, because it's not just music and lyrics - it's everything. We're writing an album of true, focused songs - where every component, from the choice of snare drum to the choice of lyric, is driven by one specific idea."