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Artist Bio

The Golden Hippie was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where she spent her teenage years writing songs and crafting her unique musical style. At the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in the music industry. As a songwriter for both other artists and herself, she has collaborated with producers such as R8dio, Tim Pagnotta, The Stereotypes, Ca$h Money, PJ Bianco, Toby Gad, and Da Internz. Eventually, she caught attention and signed a record deal with them in 2010. After 2 years of being pushed in many directions that were not reflective of who she was and the artist she wanted to be, Marissa cut her ties with the label. Soon after, she joined the Hundred Handed roster; the move allowed her to curate the sound and vision of The Golden Hippie Movement that we hear and see today.Currently putting the final touches on her full-length debut, The Golden Hippie weaves a golden dream of free-spirited lyrics, contagious melodies, and cinematic alt/pop music. The release is set for later this year on Hundred Handed records.“I'm very excited for everyone to hear my first album," Marissa Jack, The Golden Hippie said. “The Golden Hippie Movement is about creating something that you are proud of, sharing it, and allowing it to live free. The movement is about the collective, not just myself; we are all golden."