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Artist Bio

In corooks own words, 

"corook aka Corinne Savage (yes that’s their real last name) is a singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and a huge dork. No but seriously. They can solve a Rubix cube in under a minute (depending on how they're feeling that day.) This freckled chubby babe was born and raised just outside of downtown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where they grew up listening to Drake, Gwen Stefani and Mac Miller (RIP.) They went to a performing arts high school (yes, just like Victorious) where they came out as QUEER their senior year. They then went to Berklee College of Music (wow – owen Wilson voice) and graduated with TWO degrees (barely.) Corinne currently resides in Nashville Tennessee (howdy.) They spend most of their time writing and producing music for their artist project “Corook” (boop!) locked away in their room, alone (they blame it on Coronavirus but they're actually just anti-social.) They've co-written HIT songs like “this whole bio is a joke” and is an Award winning Person of Doing Things. They are 28 and they are VERY cute."