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After taking the Midwest by storm a few years back, the Yam Haus preparing to release new music in 2023 is nothing like the outfit who enjoyed a fair amount of success prior to the world shutting down back in 2020. Since then, members Lars Pruitt (vocals/guitar), Zach Beinlich (guitar) and Jake Felstow (drums) have spent their time crafting their sound and taking the band’s music in a promising new direction. “We're really excited about the new music, because it feels like it’s the first time in a long time that we’re creating it as a unified front,” Felstow says. “We’re making and releasing whatever we're feeling at that moment,” Beinlich adds. “We’re not trying to fit something in where it doesn’t belong, but if it feels right and we like it, we put it out.” As one of the newest additions to Big Loud Rock’s roster, Yam Haus’ search for authenticity has found the perfect home with its catchy blend of indie-rock that serves up the unforgettable hooks the band has become known for. Bringing a new level of songwriting maturity and musical complexity to their tracks, the trio is allowing their personality and humor to shine more in a pursuit to expand its audience. Pruitt also goes on to relate the overall theme of “Rafters,” the band’s first single for Big Loud Rock, to its newfound direction, its future, and signing with the label: “We let go, and it feels like we landed in a place where we can be the most authentic and honest version of ourselves.” With over 15 million streams across DSPs, over 20 million views on YouTube, 1.7 million likes on TikTok, and performing with the likes of Blue October, Bishop Briggs and more, Yam Haus still collectively feel like they’re just getting started and are excited for the road ahead. At the very least, Pruitt’s committed to the journey in ways not easily changed. “I got the band tattooed on my ass, so I’m here for the long game.”