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Artist Bio

You know that one friend who can stop you in your tracks and make you reconsider the moment with just a few words uttered at the right time? Well, jake minch is kind of like that friend. He doesn’t have to say (or sing) all that much to get a reaction. His lyrics jolt like a tremor of energy through an uncomfortable silence, while his voice quivers and quakes over softly strummed acoustic guitar, distant D.I.Y. beat-craft, and stoned sonic accents. An uncanny ability to stir emotion has endeared the 20-year-old Connecticut-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist to a growing audience. After tallying millions of streams and sharing stages the likes of Jeremy Zucker, The Head and the Heart, Alix Page, and more, stark honesty defines his debut how many EP [2for 2 Projects/Mercury Records/Republic Records] and more to come in 2024.