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Since joining forces in the late 2010s, the members of Paris Texas, Louie Pastel and Felix, have crafted some of hip-hop’s most singularly confounding songs — and accompanied them with videos that are narratively clever and hallucinatory, a rush of nostalgia and invention at once. After earning national acclaim with Boy Anonymous and Red Hand Akimbo, two brief but essential drops from 2021, Paris Texas began pushing even further — becoming more musically adventurous and radically honest, their work a natural extension of their drive to unsettle listeners and subvert expectations. Filtered through songs that are rough and serrated or pulsing and playful, this ethos — of commitment to whatever feels nakedly true in a given instant— makes Louie and Felix unmissable voices in music today, essential translators of the end times. The duo most recently dropped the 16-track full-length LP, Mid Air