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Artist Bio

At his young age Felix has already gone on to win “Song Of The Year” at 2022 MOBO Awards, Performed at the “2022 GRM Rated Awards”, garnered welll over 100 Million streams across his catalogue and been an ambassador for two of his favourite games, “2KUK” & “WWE2K” !

But before all those accolades you may be asking yourself who is felixthe1st, where did he come from and why did I not know about him begore reading this. Well, don’t worry as we’re going to give you a brief breakdown as to where this incredible artist came from and what his existence means for the future of the music industry.

Felixthe1st is the moniker that he adopted after hanging around with his fellow W.A.R  (weaintregular) members – a collective of friends that quite simply do what they want, when they want. The collective is an amalgamation of creatives that set the trends within everything and anything that they set their sights on - whether that’s within the world of dance, fashion, theatre or in Felix’s case music.

Given this, Felix took the name “Felixthe1st” and embraced it to the fullest and with that he decided to create a visual identity that can always embody the way that he feels – so that look one day may be striking black spiral lines that start from his eye lids all the way down to his cheeks or another day it may be a concoction of different colours that are meticulously placed all over his face.

The looks change but one thing with Felix is that you’re always going to recognise him and will know that each look is something that is inspired from the way he’s feeling at the time and with everything he does – he’s just being himself !

He’s always taken pride in being unapologetically himself and that is something he always wants to show within all aspects of his career from: the look, to his live performances and more importantly the music he shows to the world.