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Artist Bio

For MISOGI, there’s always been a divide between the world around him and what’s going on in his head. It’s a split he brings vividly to life on his new album ‘ESCAPE ARTIST’, crafting inventive other realms to abscond into through giddy, addictive J-pop-inspired earworms, ambient synth instrumentals, amongst others.

When he first started playing around with his own sonic creations two weeks before his 13th birthday, it began as just another hobby for him to occupy himself with. But, music never loosened its grip on him, instead offering up endless rabbit holes for his voraciously curious brain to dive into. “I think you could be obsessed with music for a lifetime and never get to the bottom of it all,” he says.

His musical journey so far is varied and wide-ranging. On his debut release – 2014’s ‘Occult’ – he experimented with samples and shadowy electronica while, two years later, he explored industrial sounds on ‘PLAYMISOGI’. 2019’s ‘Blood Moon Underworld’ delved into shoegaze and his latest release – the ‘Little*Stars’ EP – took an experimental pop but atmospheric path. Think that’s a lot? It’s far from an exhaustive list of the dabbling he’s done in a career that’s also seen him add yet more creative strings to his bow by producing for the likes of AJ TraceyLil YachtyYeatDylan Brady.

Whether collaborating with his extensive community of like-minded musicians or working on his own, MISOGI is an ever-evolving, always inventive artist doing things his way.