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After way too long a wait, Ireland’s alternative emo darlings Greywind are finally back with new music - and a story to tell. The Killarney-based brother and sister duo of Steph and Paul O’Sullivan have experienced a lot in the past six years. The formative years of their band saw the two struggling to navigate the juxtaposition of some remarkables highs and traumatic lows. Heroic praise of their live sets at festivals like Reading and Leads and Download were often drowned out by the unreasonable expectations of those around them.  Even radio DJ Zane Lowe (BBC, Apple Music) referring to Greywind as “A moment you won’t forget if you’re a fan of rock music” didn’t seem to quench the thirst of the short-sightedness surrounding them at the time. Then, when confronted by the isolation of a global pandemic, Greywind found themselves struggling mentally and emotionally to decide on the best path forward. As a result, they swore they wouldn’t put out another note of new music until they had the rights to their major-label-released debut album 'Afterthoughts' back. Now, after a lengthy struggle, and a 2023 viral surge that saw multiple songs off ‘Afterthoughts’ reaching millions of new fans globally, they’re more than ready to usher in a new era of their career with a brand new five-song EP called Antidote.

Jointly produced by Sam Guaiana (Neck Deep, Silverstein, Like Pacific, Intervals) and The Wonder Years guitarist/founding member Casey Cavaliere, these tracks are fueled by the visceral whirlwind of emotions experienced by Steph and Paul in the first phase of their career.  A similar gauntlet could have broken most bands, but the siblings leaned on each other throughout and have now emerged triumphantly on the other side of that long, dark tunnel with their best ever songs in hand.