Parlour Tricks

Parlour Tricks has spent the last couple of years building a loyal fan base and wowing critics with their knockout three-part harmonies, lustrous melodies and chameleonic blend of pop and indie rock. Lead singer and songwriter Lily Cato, bassist and synth player Brian Kesley, drummer Terry Moore and guitarist Angelo Spagnolo met in college and first played together on a whim when Cato decided to try her hand at songwriting. A few months later Cato asked Morgane Hollowell and Darah "DeeDee" Golub (also friends from college) to join when she realized that nearly every song she'd written was begging for three female voices. Though the women had never sung together before and there was no telling whether or not their voices would actually blend, Cato "had a feeling" based solely on her admiration for both singers. The feeling paid off, and the sextet has been inseparable ever since. The band calls their music pop, but they're perfectly happy not being able to specify exactly what that means. “Pop was a dirty word for a while," says Cato. “Not anymore. The idea of pop music has changed. Now it seems like a hundred different genres at once. It gives us a lot of room to explore."