The Early November

The Early November formed in 2000, signed to Drive Thru Records and spent the next 7 years touring the world. Releasing 2 LP's and 2 EP's in that time the band decided to take a break in 2007. After a few years off they returned stronger than ever with 2012's "In Currents" on Rise Records. On May 12th the band will release their highly anticipated new LP, "Imbue" along with a full US headlining tour.

Artist Feature

Feed The Beat is all about supporting up and coming bands on tour, watching them grow to the next level - but sometimes, those bands aren't so new. Enter The Early November. These talented musicians started making music in 2001, took a well deserved break for a few years, and came back to life with a killer 2012 release. Now in 2015, they're back with their latest album Imbue; hitting the road once again and sharing their love for music with the world.

Tell the Feed The Beat community about The Early November in one sentence: A band from a small farming community in South Jersey who were around for a bunch of years, went away for a few and then came back a few years ago smarter and better than before.
TEN is currently on tour once again - what's the most exciting moment in each show? Is there something that you look forward to seeing/hearing every night? The first note of the first song. It's the most exciting and also nerve racking moment. Does all the gear work? Are you in-tune? Is anyone even here?

What is the band's biggest "must have" while out on tour? Coffee. It's a pretty big common denominator in the band. We like to check out different shops in different cities.

Your most recent album Imbue was released a few months ago - what's been your favorite thing about sharing this music so far? It was just a really fun record to make and in a lot of ways, I think it's one of the most honest records we've ever made.

The Early November are not really newcomers to the world - Imbue is the second album you've released after taking a hiatus earlier in your career. With all of your experience, what sort of advice would you offer to musicians who are trying to share their music with the world and make moves on the road? Just take your time. It's not a race. Don't put out music or go on tour just to say you have. Fine tune who you are as a band and what you have to say as artists. There's more than enough bands out there but not enough with something to say.