My Goodness

Shiver + Shake is an album that truly marks a rebirth of My Goodness. It's a reboot, a restart, a resurrection – the sound of two kindred spirits that finally found each other and those pieces falling into place. Three of the songs from the debut made it on this album, but they're in a radically different form. This is how they were meant to sound. This is who My Goodness was – and is – meant to be. Joel Schneider and drummer Andy Lum first started playing together in 2012. Both hailing from Seattle, they'd known about each other for years, but it took crossing paths in Texas for the two to finally connect.

In fact, destiny came knocking once again in early 2014 when friend and fellow Seattleite Cody Votolato began helming the bass for the band while on tour with Augustines. Previously a member of bands such as Waxwing, Blood Brothers and Jaguar Love, Votolato became an official member of the band in the fall of 2014, adding yet another dynamic dimension to the band.