WATERMEDOWN is the solo project of Jonny Mays out of Richmond, Virginia. He adds flair to the idea of WATERMEDOWN by preforming the songs as raw, solo (acoustic) while having a more developed recording with full instrumentation. Combining influence from early 2000's emo to current alternative, his music and performance are sure to strike a chord with anyone listening.

WATERMEDOWN plans to release a brand new EP entitled Somewhere Sleepless in 2015.

Artist Feature

We had only heard a few songs off of Somewhere Sleepless, the debut EP from Watermedown, before we were WAY ready to welcome it's primary songwriter Jonny Mays into the Feed The Beat family. Jonny's just getting started and it's already going swimingly - what with touring alongside the side project of The Wonder Years frontman Dan Campbell at the end of 2015 and already announcing a co-headlining tour this winter. Feed The Beat had some questions about how Watermedown works and lives, so we asked a few questions: (cue the collective romantic sigh when you find out what is Jonny's biggest "must have" on tour is, too!):

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Watermedown in one sentence: Watermedown is like a beefy fritos burrito without cheese or beef, but with lettuce and chunky salsa.

Your EP Somewhere Sleepless was released last fall - how does it feel to be singing those songs now, after the release? Do you see any songs in particular connecting with your fans and audience? It feels good performing those songs, but I am very excited to have new material out. It feels like a significant amount of people connect to the EP as a whole which is awesome; it feels like instead of having just one cool hit single, I have a thoroughly tight release that not only I enjoy.

What is your biggest "must have" while out on tour? My fiancé. Traveling would be very awful without them.

What influences your sound most? You're signed to Equal Vision, a label you've loved for years - did any of its artists influence your sound growing up, or have any of the artists you've gotten to tour with so far? "Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek" by Chiodos was the first song I ever learned on electric guitar.

Looking into the 2016 crystal ball... what's coming next for Watermedown?? New music and lots of shows, hopefully!