Veil Of Maya

When Veil of Maya was recording Matriarch, the group found themselves with a lot of new ideas, but no singer. Enter Lukas Magyar. Hailing from, literally, the middle of nowhere.

"I'm from this small town in Wisconsin, where there's not a lot of music and nobody's really as serious about it as I am," says Magyar. "I had followed Veil for a few years, and was really impressed by them. When I heard they needed a new singer, I got in touch." Magyar, however, had never toured before. Or even been on a plane. Not a problem.

"We flew him out, auditioned him and hired him on the spot," reveals guitarist Marc Okubo. "He was great. He could sing, too, which is something we'd wanted to do for a while. It really opened up some possibilities."

After making his live debut in front of thousands at last year's Knotfest, Magyar quickly joined producer Taylor Larson (Periphery, Darkest Hour) and his new band mates (rounded out by Okubo, drummer Sam Applebaum and bassist Dan Hauser) in the studio to record Matriarch. It's an album that finds Magyar bringing a new addition to Veil Of Maya's arsenal: a mix of harsh and clean singing.

"There was controversy when we released the single, 'Mikasa'" Okubo admits. "But for every 10 kids who complained online, we gained hundreds of new fans. I think 'Mikasa' is the most popular song we've ever put out."

You'll definitely hear Lukas's presence and influence on Matriarch, the band's fifth album. Yes, the band is still, as AllMusic posited, "possessed of a malevolent fury and almost mechanical precision." But there's growth here. The grinding "NYU" slides up against the more atmospheric tracks like "Phoenix" and "Leeloo." The title track gets playful, almost like a Danny Elfman tune.

Artist Feature

The guys in Veil of Maya are having a good year - with a new record and whole lot of touring ahead of them, the Feed The Beat crew asked them all about their on-the-road habits, their favorite song to play, and what they love about the crowds:

Tell the Feed The Beat community about Veil of Maya in one sentence: We love to travel the world to perform to our fans, play video games and eating breakfast food and tacos.

You guys just released your new record, Matriarch - what's been the most exciting thing about this new album so far? I'd say the most exciting thing is to actually hear the crowd sing the new songs back to us every night.

What's your favorite song to play live? Our favorite song to perform live is Mikasa. (Check out the video for Mikasa below!)

You're about to hit the road for the rest of the summer! What are you looking forward to the most? I am personally looking forward to touring with new people and meeting new fans and seeing the sights in new cities. Each tour is its own amazing experience.

What is the band's biggest "must have" while out on tour? While on tour we always have to find the good sushi spots. We also need our gaming systems and our collection of hot sauces to cover over everything we eat.